Paran is a management and redevelopment company specializing in revitalizing and operating neighborhood and community shopping centers, multi-family housing units and boutique hotels in Ohio and contiguous states.


We create long term value in real estate by focusing on neighborhoods and their needs.We are committed to creating value for investors, a good environment for tenants and growth opportunities for staff.



Paran Management Company, Limited, is headquarter in Cleveland, Ohio. The company was founded by Joseph Shafran in 1975, now has an ownership and management portfolio of more than thirty retail, hotel, and residential properties aggregating more than 2 million square feet. Paran develops, manages, and leases real estate assets located throughout Ohio and four contiguous states.


Paran is committed to projects that satisfy community needs. We work in partnership with stakeholders – city officials, tenants, businesses, institutions, and citizens – to maximize the potential of retail, hotel, multi-family, and single-family properties. We strive to maximize the performance of each project, while contributing vitality to the surrounding neighborhood.


Paran furnishes a wide range of real estate services including: Leasing, Maintenance, Accounting, Financing Assistance, Construction & Interior Buildouts, Marketing, Project Management, Asset Management, Consulting, Development, and Redevelopment.

Paran Management Company is a full-service company with a dedication to excellence and success. We provide the full range of property management services for commercial and residential real estate with a proven track record of results.


Commercial Property Management

Businesses need to be dependable, creative and efficient in order to succeed. Why not expect the same level of service from your property managers? Our commercial property management services deliver unparalleled results. 


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Residential Property Management


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